Passcode Analyzer

Enter your passcode length and other details below to determine the probability that an adversary would be able to crack your passcode within the specified time period, assuming your passcode is sufficiently secure (random). Just looking to make your passcode more secure? Get advice from EFF, MacRumors, and MIT.

Length of your passcode (number of characters) (1-128):

Number of usable characters on your keyboard or keypad (1-256): (examples: numeric: 10; alphanumeric (iOS, English): 98)

Time required to guess each passcode, in milliseconds (ms) (1-1000): (example: iPhone 5c: 80)

Number of years: (0-1000000):

Probability of cracking within 1 yr: 0.003944768688.
Expected (mean) time to crack: 126.75014418995003 yr.

Ref.: Lee, Micah: Upgrade your iPhone passcode to defeat the FBI’s backdoor strategy.

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