etach - Emacs extension for MIME attachments and detachments (details)

Etach is an Emacs extension that provides easy management of MIME email attachments in RMAIL and Mail modes. Users can attach one or more files to an email using the Emacs command M-x attach, and detach files from a received message using M-x detach. Etach is highly customizable, allowing fine control of not only attachments and detachments but also decoding of encoded plain text, HTML, multipart/alternatives, etc. And etach makes it easy (M-x mime-forward) to forward mail using message/rfc822 format, which is particularly useful for forwarding email messages that contain attachments. Installation requires adding just a single line to the system or user startup file; e.g., just add (load "etach") to your .emacs file (see the file INSTALL.txt, included with etach, for details). In general, no special system capabilities or other special packages are required -- just a working version of Emacs.

Etach is free software: GNU General Public License, no warranty. Please see the file LICENSE.txt for details.

The user-visible (interactive) functions provided with etach include (among others):

(Note that M- denotes Emacs' meta key, so, for example, ESC x or Alt-x should work for M-x; and RET denotes the Enter key.) Users can even use etach to easily forward and comment on spam notices to site administrators.

Get etach now at (Etach is distributed as a gzipped tarball, meaning as a single "tar" archive file that has been compressed with gzip. Both tar (and untar) and gzip (and gunzip) are freely available elsewhere; see, for example, ''.)

Etach is free software © 2000-2009 J. Rulnick, etach at rulnick dot com.