Rulnick Engineering, established in 1998, is the R&D, consulting, and technical services business of John Michael Rulnick, providing complete engineering and management solutions, or:

  • control systems
  • data conversion
  • database development (Access, NoSQL, PostgreSQL)
  • education
  • engineering management
  • forecasting and optimization
  • hardware and systems integration
  • host and network security
  • mathematical modeling and simulation (Maxima, MATLAB, Octave)
  • operations and performance analysis
  • programming (BASH/Bourne Shell, C, Lisp, Perl, Postscript, Python)
  • statistical analysis (R)
  • systems administration (Linux, Mac OS, *NIX)

John is an operations research analyst, electrical engineer, and free/open source software developer with more than twenty years experience in research and development, project management, and systems administration. He is also a teacher with more than ten years experience in curriculum development and teaching of undergraduate, graduate, and industry courses. John is a National Science Foundation CAREER Award recipient and a former professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering and Computer Science at WPI. He has published articles in Wireless Networks and International Journal of Game Theory, and is former Associate Editor and Area Editor for Stochastic Systems of the Journal of Applied Mathematics and Decision Sciences. He earned an S.B. from MIT and M.S. and Ph.D. from UCLA.

Please call, email, fax, or text for rates and availability. Rulnick Engineering offers substantial discounts for small businesses, non-profits, and educational institutions.

Thank you for considering Rulnick Engineering.



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